Career Readiness for College Graduates

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This program is best suited as a hands-on dining experience.

Professional preparedness is of critical importance in higher education, the corporate world and the public arena. It is never too early for students to develop the interpersonal skills that will assist in their future success but these skills are essential as they prepare for internships and work experience. Whether students are continuing with their education or entering their chosen career there is a tremendous advantage in mastering business diplomacy and protocol. We will share tips for how to prepare for an interview and acceptable dress codes you should consider. The first impression you make is the one that will define you, so make it a good one. Learn how to demonstrate your own personal presence and become a trusted and respected member of the team.


The opportunity to work abroad is enriching but with it come certain challenges. Each country has it’s own set of protocols and understanding them and following the rules will prevent any mishaps. Developing diplomacy skills will help substantially in the work place as well helping to make new friends.


A polished professional recognizes the advantage of dining etiquette when entertaining for business. Our Executive Dining program introduces students to the basics of table etiquette and manners, the five styles of dining and how to make a good impression during a meal. Whether at home or abroad good table manners show a level of education and sophistication. Learn how to interpret a place setting, hold and use flatware while being mindful of appropriate table conversation and how to conduct business during a meal.



  • Making a Good First Impression
  • Developing a Good Handshake
  • Interviewing Protocols
  • Diplomacy-Communicating in a Non-Offensive Manner
  • Effective Communication, Body Language, Tone and Words
  • How are Your Manners?
  • Cell Phone and Email Etiquette
  • US and European Styles of Dining
  • Multi-cultural Dining
  • Table Etiquette