Corporate Etiquette

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For an interactive hands-on experience, we suggest combining this program with the Executive Dining & Entertaining tutorial.

Our comprehensive Business Etiquette and Protocol Programs teach standard rules of behavior and strategies for building and sustaining relationships. Businesses cannot survive without meetings and they are a perfect place to practice leadership skills. The way in which you conduct or participate in a meeting reflects your personality and establishes your reputation.


Corporations acknowledge that success depends on more than just a good product. A polished professional is aware of the necessity of first impressions and open dialogue.


A positive and lasting impression is made when you present yourself as a credible, cultured and knowledgeable individual. Personal presence and the basics of business etiquette will create a solid foundation and framework for every encounter and decision you make.


Networking requires developing techniques that work for you, and relevant “soft skills” to navigate the dos and don’ts in the increasingly complex business arena will help assure your success.


Following a code of conduct is not about being stuffy or old-fashioned, it is about being respectful, efficient and having the ability to handle any situation with ease and finesse. It is important to understand the history of our society and why certain rules of behavior or protocols were established, why some changed and the direction we need to take in order to keep pace with a constantly changing business environment.


  • Traditional Skills alongside Soft Skills
  •  Making an Entrance
  • Creating A Positive Impression
  • Teamwork
  • Effectiveness of Communication, Body Language, Tone and Words
  • Business Card Protocol
  • Diplomatic Conversation and Diplomacy in the Written Word
  • Handshakes & Greetings
  • Networking & Personal Presence