Executive Dining & Entertaining

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Executives are responsible for promoting the mission and vision of an organization, and the main purpose of the business meal is to build rapport. Conducting oneself appropriately at the table goes a long way to cementing solid business relationships. Therefore companies should have confidence that

     •  Their reputation is protected.

     •  The right impression is made whether meeting for lunch, attending a networking cocktail event, entertaining international clients or traveling abroad.

In a society that has become predominately “casual” in it’s approach to meals, renewed knowledge of “how to be formal” is a very useful skill.

Whether you are the host or a guest there are protocols to be followed and faux pas to be avoided.

     •  Knowledge of food and wine pairing will enhance the meal and confirm your status as an experienced, confident host.

     •  A working knowledge of the five main dining styles gives a professional “edge” showing a level of education and sophistication. 

Hosting or attending a cocktail event or VIP reception has its own set of protocol. Using diplomacy and well hended soft skills to nowigate these events will set you apart as a pollished professional.


  • Planning and hosting a Business Meal
  • Dining with Class and Finesse
  • Understanding your Place Setting
  • Correct Use of Your Flatware
  • Interpreting a Menu, Making Wise Choices & Helpful Recommendations
  • Food and Wine Pairing
  • Table Etiquette
  • US, British, European and Multi-Cultural Dining Styles
  • Seating Protocols and Place Cards.
  • Networking at a Cocktail Event
  • Power Entertaining