Executive Dining & Entertaining

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For an interactive hands-on experience this can be combined with the Corporate Etiquette and International Diplomacy & Protocols programs.

Our Executive Dining & Entertaining program teaches appropriate behavior and manners at the table thus creating the right impression that will build a relationship with clients that extends beyond the meal. Leading with confidence enhances the image of education and enables you to concentrate on the business at hand.

The main purpose of the business meal is to build rapport. Conducting yourself appropriately at the table goes a long way to cementing a business relationship. Learning how to choose an appropriate venue and orchestrate a business lunch meeting as well as knowing when and how to begin discussing business and handling the bill in a discreet manner are soft skills that will enhance your reputation.

As a Host you should be aware of seating protocols, table etiquette, place settings, the correct use and handling of flatware and have the ability to put guests at ease in any situation. American and International restaurants offer a miriad of dishes so understanding and interpreting a menu can prevent avoidable faux pas and allow you to confidently make menu recommendations. Pairing food with the appropriate wines will enhance the meal and confirm your status as a experienced, confident Host.

There are five main dining styles and being comfortable with them will give you an executive “edge” showing a level of education and sophistication. When circumstances require extra attention, Power Entertaining takes traditional business dining to a level designed to impress the most discerning client.

Hosting or attending Cocktail Parties and VIP receptions has it’s own set of protocols, using diplomacy and soft skills to navigate these events will set you apart as a polished professional.

Topics covered
*Hosting A Successful Business Meal

*Interpreting a menu

* Selecting wines
*Table Etiquette
*US, European Continental and British Continental Styles of Dining
*Multi-cultural Dining
*Business Dining versus Power Entertaining
*Networking a Business Cocktail Party
*VIP receptions
*Seating Protocols