International Protocol & Diplomacy

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Business Protocol and International Diplomacy skills are in high demand because civility, respect and appropriate behavior leads the way to more effective communications. Meetings are a perfect place to project professionalism and hone leadership skills. Personal diplomacy and the art of leadership are sought after “soft skills” required in today’s globalized business forum.


  • A polished professional is aware of the importance of first impressions and open dialogue.
  • The first impression as a credible, cultured and knowledgeable individual translates into solid business relationships.


Executive image, general behavior and cross-cultural awareness aligned with diplomatic traditions lead the way towards successful negotiations in today’s multi-cultural society. Personal diplomacy, and having the ability to handle any situation with ease and finesse will bolster anyone’s professional image.


  • Open Communications, Networking, & Personal Presence 
  • Creating a Positive Impression
  • Handdshakes, Greetings, & Introductions
  • Business Card Protocol
  • Civility and Diplomacy
  • Protocol Traditions and Modern Day Applications
  • Cultural Awareness 
  • Working with International Clients at Home and Abroad