Modern Manners, Dining Etiquette & Social Skills for Children and Teens

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We offer Modern Manners and Social & Life Skills programs for children and teens. These are designed to build confidence and self-esteem while teaching social and communication skills that will benefit them for years to come.


Manners Matter offers an International Youth Etiquette program for children aged 5 through 16. Everyone benefits if we prepare our young men and women to be confident individuals who are respectful and thoughtful of the world around them.


These programs are primarily designed as 4 x 2 hour sessions but can be customized to suit clients’ preferences. They are offered for schools, private groups and on an individual basis.


YOUNG DIPLOMATS, aged 5 to 7


ye yd2The children have fun cutting and pasting crafts as well as playing games that will teach them manners to make their parents proud. At the end of the course they will be invited to an Afternoon Tea by Peppermint the Polite Puppy who will guide and delight them as they learn social graces.



  • Making Friends
  • Sharing and Caring
  • Magic Words
  • Out and About in Public Places
  • Looking and Feeling Good
  • Respect and Awareness
  • Dining and Table Manners
  • Peppermint’s Tea Party

ye yd1


ye la2

These are our leaders in training who will benefit from an exciting confidence boosting program that builds their self-esteem while teaching social and communication skills. They will learn the importance of First Impressions, how to behave appropriately when out and about in public and to be aware of the many cultural differences around them.


We want them to feel good about themselves and they will because etiquette and manners are in tune with character development. Our Little Ambassadors will be introduced to the differences between US and Continental dining styles which will be a great help to them when they travel and experience other countries and cultures. At the completion of the program they will know how to set a table for a four-course meal and understand the correct use and handling of flatware.



  • First Impressions
  • Posture, Poise and Deportment
  • Art of Communication
  • Out and About in Public Places
  • Parties and Events
  • Looking and Feeling Good
  • Kindness, Character and Cultural Awareness
  • Modern Dining Skills – Setting the Table; Taking your Seat; Posture at the Table; Napkin Etiquette; Using your Flatware Correctly; Styles of Dining; Politely Refusing Food; Excusing Yourself from the Table; Sit-down Meals; Buffet Meals, Fast Foods.

ye la1

JUST FOR TEENS, ages 13 to 16

ye teens2Those of us who have experienced our children’s teenage years know that it can be a testing time, but it’s tough being a teenager too. It can be an awkward time filled with angst and peer pressure, and often a time when family values are being tested. We help teenagers to develop their confidence and build their own identity while encouraging them to think about the consequences of their actions.


Appearance, etiquette and general attitude form the image we project to others. Our personal attitude and behavior are a reflection of our personality and are decisive in establishing relationships and rapport. Correct behavior shows self-esteem and respect for ourselves as well as others.


The etiquette and dining program serves to give our teenagers the social skills they need to help them become mature and confident adults. As with all our programs, this too is highly interactive including games and scenarios specifically designed to engage this particular age group.



  • Social Etiquette – First and Lasting Impressions; Greetings & Introduction
  • Posture, Poise, Deportment and Body Language
  • The Art of Communication - Voice, Speech & Enunciation; Conversation Know How; Magic Words; Tact and Discretion; Cell Phone Etiquette; Cyber Civility and Social Networking.
  • Parties and Events
  • Preparing for School/College Interviews
  • Image, Dress Codes and Proper Attire
  • The Art of the Table – Entering a Restaurant; Taking your Seat; Seating Protocols; Napkin Etiquette; Five Main Dining Styles; Understanding a Formal Dinner Setting Service; When to Begin Eating; Correct use of Flatware; Leaving the Table.

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