Business Etiquette

EOF Etiquette 5.1.12 039The Business Etiquette Program is suitable for college students and young executives. It focuses not only on US and International etiquette, but also social and life skills, first impressions, appropriate office behavior, networking, business card etiquette and dress codes. An important addition to this program is a business lunch dining tutorial.

There is tremendous competition to attend college, get the best grades, and find the ultimate job. In today’s economic environment students need something to set them apart and make them the applicant that stands out from the crowd.

Once in employment and on a career path, civility and appropriate behavior in the business world is now a major concern. Knowing how to present oneself in the best possible manner goes a long way towards developing working relationships and even closing that important deal.

Self confidence, knowledge of appropriate behavior both inside and outside the workplace, as well as dining etiquette, can be the way to give you that “edge.”

Manners Matter provides programs for college sophomores, juniors and seniors that will prepare students for the interview process, internships, emailing and texting do’s and don’ts, office behavior and appropriate dress codes. Networking and entertaining both play an important role when building your business and personal image. Dining etiquette is an enjoyable and integral part of the program as it helps you navigate business lunches and cocktail parties as well as provide you with social dining skills that will put you as ease in any situation.

The program can also be adapted for new executives already working in the corporate world.