Career Readiness for College Graduates

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It is never too early for students to develop the interpersonal skills that will assist them in their future success. The corporate world and public arena look for professionals who not only are well versed in business protocol but also competent to:

     • Approach with Presence

     • Initiate and Respond to Introductions 

     • Cultivate Conversation Skills

     •  Deliver the Right Handshake Message

The first impression you make is the one that defines you, so make it a good one. Develop your own personal presence, earn and give respect in order to become a trusted member of the team.  


It could be fairly intimidating for anyone invited to continue an interview over lunch but it is a great training exercise for the future. A polished professional recognizes the advantage of dining etiquette when entertaining for business. Our college dining program introduces students to the basics of table etiquette, understanding their place setting and correct use of flatware. We will explain the 5 main dining styles and the differences between the US and European styles. 


At home or abroad, good table manners show a level of education and sophistication.


  • Making a Good First Impression
  • Developing a Great Handshake
  • Communicating in a Non-Offensive Manner
  • Effective Body Language, Facial Cues, Tone & Words
  • Cell Phone & Email Etiquette
  • US and European Dining Styles
  • Understanding your Place Setting and Use of Flatware
  • Table Etiquette