Executive Dining & Entertaining

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For an interactive hands-on experience this can be combined with the Corporate Etiquette and International Diplomacy & Protocols programs.

When executives regularly meet and dine with clients, companies need to have confidence that

  • Their reputation is protected.
  • The right impression is made.

That they are represented in the best possible light, whether gathering at a local restaurant for lunch, attending a business event, entertaining international clients or traveling abroad. In a society that has become predominately “casual” in its approach to meals, renewed knowledge of “how to be formal” is a very useful skill.


Building rapport and conducting oneself appropriately at the table goes a long way to cementing a solid business relationship.Whether you are the host or a guest there are protocols to be followed and faux pas to be avoided.

  • Knowledge of food and wine pairing will enhance the meal and confirm your status as an experienced, confident host.
  • A working knowledge of the five main dining styles will give an executive “edge” showing a level of education and sophistication.



  • Navigating a Social Business Event
  • Handling a Meal with Class and Finesse
  • Understanding your Place Setting
  • Correct Use of Your Flatware
  • Interpreting a Menu & Making Wise Choices
  • Food and Wine Pairing
  • Table Etiquette
  • US, British, European and Multi-Cultural Dining Styles
  • Seating Protocols and Place Cards.
  • Power Entertaining