International Protocol & Diplomacy

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For an interactive hands-on experience we suggest combining this program with the Executive Dining & Entertaining tutorial.


Cultural Etiquette and International Protocol skills are in high demand because civility, respect and appropriate behavior lead the way to more effective communications. Globalization has changed the way the world conducts business and understanding cultural nuances projects professionalism, and the positive impression this makes translates into solid business relationships.


Our full International Business Etiquette program covers the foundations of American, European, Asian and Middle Eastern protocols. General behavior, executive image and cross cultural awareness aligned with diplomatic traditions lead the way towards successful negotiations in today’s multi-cultural society.


The influences of technology and social change require a relatively new set of cultural and diplomatic skills. Personal diplomacy and the art of leadership are “soft powers” that will bolster your professional image.


The ability to plan VIP events, oversee guest lists, arrange receiving lines and seating protocols together with an understanding of appropriate gift giving will enhance your diplomatic image. Communication and networking, personal charisma, written and verbal practices, public speaking and media diplomacy are all skills that will help you succeed on the global stage.


  • Protocol Traditions and Modern Day Applications
  • Diplomacy and Cultural Awareness
  • Civility & Diplomacy as your Personal Power
  • Diplomatic Conversation
  • Media Diplomacy
  • Goals for working with International Visitors
  • Professional, Diplomatic and Ceremonial Image
  • International Orders of Precedence
  • Greetings & Introductions
  • Open Communications and Networking
  • Image Management for Formal Events
  • Planning VIP Receptions, Guest Lists and Seating Protocols