The Art of the Table

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The Art of The Table lends itself to Entertaining with Style and ambiance sets the mood. Arrange a show-stopping table for a formal dinner, a garden picnic or informal lunch. The use of flowers, colors, candles, menus and place cards can help “theme” your table. You don’t have to use matching china or glassware, we’ll show you how to think outside the box.


aot2This program is for food lovers and those who want to set a beautiful table that enhances a meal and delights guests. Learn about seating protocols and how to arrange a place setting according to different dining styles and which flatware is required for a four, five, six or even eight course meal? What are the nuances of napkin etiquette, which direction do you pass items around the table, what do you do if you drop something and how do you say “No more wine, thank you?”


Plan a well-balanced menu, keeping in mind your guests preferences, select wines that complement the food and establish yourself as the quintessential Host whose events run seamlessly.



  • Setting a Spectacular Table
  • Understanding your Place Setting
  • Table Etiquette
  • Seating Protocols
  • Menu Planning
  • Food and Wine pairings
  • Hosting a Dinner with Skill and Finesse
  • Event Planning