Little Ambassadors

Children Shaking HandsThe Little Ambassadors (age 8-12) are our leaders in training who will benefit from an exciting confidence building program that builds their self esteem while teaching social and communication skills. They will learn the importance of first impressions. Do you know it only take 30 seconds to form a good or bad first impression? They will learn how to behave appropriately when out and about in public and to be aware of the many cultural differences around them.

We want them to feel good about themselves and they will because etiquette and manners are in tune with character development. Our Little Ambassadors will be introduced to the differences of table etiquette both domestically and internationally, which will be of great help to them when they travel and experience other countries and cultures. They will learn how to set a table and by the completion of a tutorial lunch will be able to look at a place setting and interpret the menu.